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A BBW means big beautiful woman. i have read plenty of the descriptions of the term, and quite frankly, i'm a bit pissed. some people,(but not all) can't help how much they weigh. those that can, just don't care. not all BBW's are hella lazy, or can't climb the stairs right, or have tits they can tuck into their shirts. most of us, actually do the exercise, and partake of a healthy diet, but face it, some are just not meant to be a size zero. One of the only reasons we cant get to that size, is because we refuse to throw up after meals, or(i've done this one before) chew our food, then spit it out. another reason? some of us, just dont have freakishly fast metabolisms. my point is, GOD made us the sizes we are, if we sucessfully lose some, it's because we are supposed to. if we lose, then gain, then we are meant to have a season, if we don't lose any, despite working hard, then guess what? we are of the special chosen few, who are meant to be BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!!!! signed, a true BBW
a woman,(who happens to be, thicker than most) has just had a c-section two days prior, walks past a few of the male nurses, assigned to her room. the men, recognizing her, and having big time admiration, say to each other, "check out that strong BBW there"
by VegasBBW November 07, 2011

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