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People who: (1) can’t afford to buy $5,000 tables at exclusive Vegas nightclubs; (2) queue in the general admissions line like muggy cunts; (3) buy drinks at the bar like losers; and (4) dance on the floor rather than on top of their expensive waitress serviced table.
Vegas Dave: "Cyril this is a great stag."

Cyril: "Yeah mate I'm so glad we bought this $5,000 table."

Vegas Dave: "Yeah mate, just look at all those Floor Monkeys down there, dancing to Chris Brown."

Floor Monkey: "Hey what did you just say? I'm more than just a Floor Monkey."

Cyril: "You're right. You're also a muggy cunt".
by Vegas Dave June 30, 2011
Get your tits out.
Lad on a lads' holiday shouting at a group of birds:

Lad: "oi oi, spill your jugs you schlaag."

Group of Girls: "are you talking to us?"

Lad: "Yeah you're fit."

Girl: "Who me?"

Lad: "Nah not you, your mate... schlaag".
by Vegas Dave August 03, 2011

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