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29 definitions by Vegas

An athlete who isn't very good at the sport he/she is playing. Often the player has the athletic ability of an orange street cone.
The coach wouldn't but Chris in the game because he is a "Cone"
by Vegas March 23, 2003
3 11
Someone who slacks off or takes one's time doing something, like Slobadon Milosevic. Also see Slobin
My girlfriend is a "Slobe" i told her were late, but i caught her Slobin upstairs in the bedroom.
by Vegas March 28, 2003
10 19
A woman who takes all your money. Often your girlfriend or wife.
Bob wanted to know how i got the "Rake" to let me out of the house Friday night.
by Vegas March 23, 2003
7 19
Anyone you look up to or want to be like.
Mel Gibson is "my dad".
by Vegas March 22, 2003
22 34
Something that is really cool.
This chocolate cake is "My Dad".
by Vegas March 23, 2003
32 45
The act of sitting on the couch and not acomplishing anything at all.
I was gonna go to class but my i got high and decided to "marinate" intstead.
by Vegas March 28, 2003
71 89
Look you get when your about to blow your load...
I was looking around the room trying to find my "O Face" ,because i was about to put it on.
by Vegas March 22, 2003
277 419