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adj. Used to describe something or someone that is so unbelievabley beat, wack, horrible, hideous, or all of the above and beyond.

n. vateness, something that is vate.
How'd it go w/ dat broad last night? You hit dat?
Nah, shit was mad vate.

The no smoking inside law is vate.

Yo, I got arrested last night dun!
Foreal!? vateness. What happened son?

This club is vate, let's go somewhere else.

This chick Christina has a slammin body, but her personality is so vate I don't ever mess with her.

This weed ain't no kind bud, shit's vate.
by vegas March 12, 2004
To Fuck without lubricants
She wanted me to use the KY, but i'd rather "Dry Bone" her browneye.
by Vegas March 23, 2003
Also known as a rice cake. Eaten by supermodels and people on diets.
I broke my diet when i put peanutbutter on my "crunchy air"
by Vegas March 23, 2003
Someone who lacks strength
Moby didn't stand much of a chance when he got jumped because he is "feebs".
by Vegas March 24, 2003
A generic term for any particilar skill, technical ability, talent, etc.
"I've seen that guy's work before; it's excellent. He's got good kung fu"
by Vegas February 05, 2005
huge ragin homo-sexual, a man who enjoys the cock...
Elton John is an ass rocketeer
by vegas May 25, 2003
the speed at wich Mr. T's 1982 custom AMC van travels at.
Mr. T's van is "hellafast"
by Vegas March 24, 2003
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