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2 definitions by Vega Nova

Adjective: the positive connotation of the state of being under the influence of THC (cannabis). Feeling "high" from the intake of THC.
"I can't wait to get off from work so I can go get smikity."
by Vega Nova September 20, 2011
The unbreakable alliance between the United States' and The State of Israel's two governing bodies. Also, two Zionistic extremist mentalities against Arabs as an excuse to colonize the land of Palestine.
Much like the way America was "founded" by "Christopher Columbus" and colonized, the Native Americans (Arabs) are being robbed of their land and eliminated by the American Settlers (Israelis) for the political agenda that somehow always has something to do with Great Britain. In the end Isrealica is just the beginning of the Zionistic illuminati agenda which leads into the NWO. Henceforth U.S.A. + Israel = The United States of Israelica

Note: Do not confuse the term Jewish with the term Zionist. Zionist* is to Judaism as Nation of Islam* is to Islam

Political movements*

and remember: Zionist Agenda = Illuminati Agenda = Satanic Agenda.

everything else is just propaganda
by Vega Nova September 24, 2011