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4 definitions by Veen

The result of too much sperm being released into the vagina, creating a condition inside that grows and mutates into a creature that exits the vagina in a period of roughly nine months.
Jane's at the clinic today, apparently she got a case of sperm poisoning a month ago.
by Veen May 05, 2003
A child. Comes from the tendency of poor women to have children out of wedlock, to supplement their income by forcing the fathers to pay child support for the next eighteen years.
"Hey Mary, I don't want to be rude, but have you gained some weight?"
"Not at all John, just another paycheck on the way."
by Veen June 01, 2003
Nervous, overly talkative, fear leading to bumbling behavior
After Tom witnessed the cat fight, he became yiddy when members of the opposite sex approached him.
by Veen May 12, 2006
The butt, or more specfically, the anus of an organism; usually human.
"Jenna totally got a nice heaping of cock up her dumper lastnight, so she's rather sore today."
by Veen August 29, 2003