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It can refer to marijuana, guns, or women who bang (fuck) dudes.

Or it can refer to a movie made in 1999 (unlikely)
person 1:Dude hand me that bangers
person 2:which one?
by VeelossCity July 11, 2006
rap is crap can be refering to commercial music, a true hiphop would know, but it also can come from a ignorant person who only heard rap on the radio, or tv, and never wrapped their mind around indie music, or 'underground hiphop' they also suck on lolly pops and drink starbucks while dancing to madonnas new album.
Ignoranus #1: 'You can't spell rap without Crap'
Ignoranus #2: 'All rap music is about sex, money and violence, rap is crap.'
by VeelossCity July 11, 2006

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