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An often used synonym for a man's penis.
Hey baby, Big Johnson's back at my place waiting for you."
by vector August 21, 2004
To masturbate in someones presence with out them knowing.
Last night at work I saw Jenny and could not resist Kanking to her loose clit.
by vector November 17, 2004
When a black man plays shitty rap music that repeats over and over and is fucking annoying.
Hey Nigger turn that jungle beat off!
by vector November 17, 2004
A congested way to say weevil
Oh Doe! The Weebil's are Eading by bushroobs.
by vector July 02, 2004
Intelligence, mental power.
He defeated all in the chess tournament with his overwhelming skull.
by Vector March 29, 2005
A homosexual pimp; Eric Hyde.
Damnit Eric, you are such a gay ass ponce.
by vector December 10, 2004
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