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When you have a big sore on the end of you cock.
Man one morning I woke up and the was a huge Zitgainonthetoffle on the head of my cock.
by VeRn, ThE MaN January 18, 2008
When you are all sweaty and your (ass) itches in the crack and it is really bothering you.
Dang, After playing basketball I was sweating so much that my ass crack was itching so bad....I had a bad case of rectial itch.
by VeRn, ThE MaN January 18, 2008
A bitch you marry and he pretends to love you but in the end she just tries to steal all of your money.
That woman was a real Dirty Abbie, if I see someone dating her I will tell them the truth about that bitch.
by VeRn, ThE MaN January 18, 2008

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