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Satanism can be divided into two main branches.

Theistic Satanism.
Aesthetic Satanism.

Theistic Satanism( also called Traditional Satanism) is the worship of Satan as a deity. It can come in many forms such as reverse christianity, which is thought to be the only Satanism. Reverse Christianity would consist of the satanist believing Jehovah exists as the bible god, and Satan as the christian devil.
Then there is a Satanism in which Satan is believed to be a modern name for other gods, such as Enki, Tiamat, Set, etc.

Sometimes, in rural areas, animal sacrifice DOES occur. However, the animals are then eaten or disposed of humanely.
Rarely, if ever, actual killings of humans happen. Usually, the killer merely uses Satanism as an excuse, and wasn't an actual Satanist.

Aesthetic Satanism is when a person uses Satan as a symbol instead of a deity. They use him to signify independence, self-indulgence, worshipping yourself as a god. And, basically, it's an excuse to act like the universe revolves around your head.

And to anyone who says Satanist are "retarded" or "Fags", someday, we'll all be laughing as your body rots six feet under. And yes, humans and all material came from star dust.
Mary and Matthew went to the church of satan and now act superior because they became laveyan satanist.

John and Joseph looked theisticsatanism.com and began worshipping Satan and were law- abiding.
by Vazlim August 17, 2010
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