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Misspelling of "The best stuffs"; meant to be a generic term for anything worth viewing.
I just saw this PLA website. It has teh best stuffs!
by Vash Westland October 18, 2003
A copy protection technology that prevents copies of videos from being made on two VHS recorders connected in serial. Currently used on most DVD videos.
I can't afford this DVD -- I rented it and tried to copy it onto a tape, but the picture was distorted.
by Vash Westland August 26, 2003
Short for "Oh my God, hacks!". See teh best stuffs.
"Hey, I just got a new remote control today."
by Vash Westland October 18, 2003
An onomatopoeia, representing the sound of wet flesh moving loosely.
Thwapt, thwapt, thwapt.
by Vash Westland October 20, 2003
A bot that checks for, and subsequently terminates, accounts based on violations of signed contracts of terms of service.
<TRON> omg teh cancelbot got j00r dns hosting
<kitsune> who are you?
by Vash Westland October 20, 2003
1. Misspelling of "so big". Made popular by the computer virus (or worm) released in mid-2003.
I couldn't send you that message due to the sobig.
by Vash Westland August 24, 2003
See benzedrine.
Benzedrine is an amphetamine.
by Vash Westland October 20, 2003

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