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"perverted in Japanese. Japanese animated porn.
I saw your Dad Jerkin' off to Sailor Monn Hentai.
by Vash The Stampede September 05, 2003
A genius hottie
Khayree rocks
by Vash the Stampede September 24, 2003
A hacker who uses their talents for the good of others.
A hacktivist put a little extra money in my bank account.
by Vash The Stampede September 30, 2003
In a small cabin on board a Vogon Constructor Fleet ship with an amazingly
annoying traveling companion moments after your planet has been demolished by it.
"We're safe. We're in a small galley cabin
on one of the ships in the Vogon
Constructor fleet." -Ford Prefect
by Vash The Stampede April 12, 2005

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