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To be so sad that you go home drunk and alone, cry and masturbate using your own tears as lubrication.
Jon:Dude got dumped on Valentine's Day.
Ace: He's going home to pull a Calvin.
by Varnell August 07, 2006
A phrase spoken by someone who wants out of a relationship and trying to learn more about themselves. They usually try to find themselves in the beds of as many people as they can sleep with. Slut is in the phrase. The only thing missing is U.
Girl: I am just trying to find myself.
Guy: By fucking Bob, Steve, Larry, Andrew, John, Tyler, Tyrone ................... and Alisha
by Varnell October 31, 2006
A man who A)upon meeting a beautiful girl puts his nuts in a jar and gives them to her to put on her nightstand or ,B)loses his balls for lack of use.
A)Steve bought his girlfriend of 3 months a car. He is the king of the nutless wonders.
B)The boss is really pushing James around. Nutless wonder.
by Varnell August 07, 2006
The part of your mind that controls understanding and comprehension.
Are you ready? Open up your knowledge basket because here it comes. That girl is a golddigger and she wants your money.
by Varnell August 08, 2006
Anything about or relating to magic or the occult.
I got some eye of newt at the boogety boogety store
by Varnell August 04, 2006
The guy in the club who thinks he is the shit and tries to hit on everything with a pulse and/or a vagina.
Count Mackula has hit on every girl in here twice.
by Varnell August 07, 2006
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