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When one uses excessive force in any activity or social situation.
*Slamming a volleyball way out of bounds

*Walking into a party and yelling profanities

Person 1: Dude did you see me bouce the ball of the ceiling into their cup?!

Person2: Haha i know man! SWAGGER EXPLOSION!
#swagger #excessive #overflow #uncaring #unnecessary #chris brown
by Vard-Face June 24, 2010
1) When one has become overly intoxicated and the Zombocalypse is in full swing, zombies will not know whether this person is food or a fellow flesh-eater.
Oh man, i just survived that first zombie wave. I just got really drunk. Its the best zombie defense.
#drunk #zombie #zombocalypse #defense #lindsay lohan
by Vard-Face July 22, 2010
When a person from the state of Idaho owns a resident from any other state at a competitive activity.

*The activity may or may not take place on Idaho soil.
We played pong against these Cali kids. Totally Idahowned their asses.
#swagger explosion #owned #annihilate #pwned #decimate #jake plummer
by Vard-Face August 04, 2010
Describing the act of shaving your face with a shitty razor that nearly rips your facial (or other) hairs out of the designated area.
Bro 1: Dude I bought a new razor today.
Bro 2: Oh nice man what kind?
Bro 1: A Schick, but its an upgrade so I hope its less reschickulous
#inhumane #torture #excruciating #blasphemy #abuse
by Vard-Face July 26, 2010
Proclaiming this erases all the idiotic things you did during the 4th of July weekend.

May be attributed to heavy drinking, marijuana etc.
It is a weekend of celebration, all your sins are acceptableand shall be forgiven if, and only if, you say this statement.
Girl: Why the fuck did you try to get in my pants this weekend?

Guy: I Plead the 4th
#forgiven #accepted #mistake #illlegitimate #drunk #crunk #high #4th of july #weekend
by Vard-Face July 02, 2010
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