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Similar to ass(hole).

Used in Insult Unfamiliar context, (the person isnt there)
A Basic Jerk, A person that does shity, insensitive, and hurtful things without careing.
Often thinks highly of themselves.

Used in Familiar context.
A Joke Or Freindly insult.
Did you hear what John did to Katey? What a Douche!

Man that kid pisses me off, he's such a douche bag.

I can't belive he cheated on her, what a douchey move.
by Vanman118 May 04, 2009
After era- 90's

Dank refers to something of good quality, or substance.
Anything Better than the norm, or exeptionally good. Usually appealed to the Smell and Taste senses.
(Often used as a stoner reference to good quality weed, Marijuana).

Pre era-90's (less used)
A smelly moist place. Like a sewer.
Dude, that sandwhich smells Dank!
This is the most dank Chicken i have ever had.
I have the Dankest Weed you will ever smoke.
by Vanman118 May 04, 2009

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