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The result of creating a suprise accident in the pantal area when operating under the assumption that a humorus fart would be forthcoming.
Jim really stunned the guy's when an innocent "fart on your friend", joke went horribly awry and he had hard gas.
by Vanhinely November 07, 2006
The location on a person around the area that pants cover.
That guy got so scared he browned up his pantal area.
by Vanhinely November 07, 2006
The condition created when a local band's self perceived popularity exceeds it's actual popularity.
Did you see the band at the bar last night? Their lead singer really has premature erockulation. Who the hell were they anyway?
by Vanhinely November 07, 2006
The act of turning down the radio while driving when searching for an unknown location.
WHile on vacation my dad got discombopulated while looking for an exit and I missed most of my favorite song.
by Vanhinely November 07, 2006

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