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7 definitions by Vanguts

Receiving a blow job in outer space.
I heard after Neil Armstrong returned from the Apollo mission, he received zeroj from a bunch of space hookers.
by Vanguts February 28, 2009
An orgasm while doing something completely and utterly badass.
Simon: Damn... Bill was owning everyone at Gears of War 2 while fucking Josephine cousin right her ass.

Jack: Wow what a badgasm.
by Vanguts February 18, 2009

Short for dx motherfucking champ|Man Breed. The craziest motherfucker who ever lived. Usually, found dominating rizon or trolling your internet like an anon fiend.

Likes: Screwing up forums, raping women and fucking up the intarwebz.

John Nigger:That motherfucker Dxbreed dissed me, my momma, my family and my race.

Pat Jew: Fucking breed...
by Vanguts April 20, 2009
An aphrodisiac made of ground cat penis mixed with herbal essence.
Tom: Fuck I don't know I just can't get my dick hard off women anymore.
Jerry: Did you try some of that Cat Megex?
Tom: Is it better than viagara?
Jerry: For sure.
by Vanguts February 17, 2009
The Zen bhuddists of ancient Mesopotamian china practiced a form of art of art known forbias. This technique invovled the shrinking of a penis by use of hand that clenched a dick so tight it drenched all of the blood outside of it.
Zenthforbias the greatest and most sacred form of micropenis oriented arts.
by Vanguts February 28, 2009
When you fuck an asian girl and your dick gets stuck in her very tight pussy, while she moans like a bitch begging for more.
Masao! Masao! Get the lube call a doctor.
by Vanguts February 27, 2009
A cash job is when a girl opens out her hands and you jizz in them as a form of payment for her services.
Yesterday Beth got a cash job so big she brought it to the sperm bank and invested it with double interest.
by Vanguts February 14, 2009