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A mix featuring songs that have been carefully choosen, mixed and recorded onto an analog or digital medium. The name Mixtape is used because they were originally mixed and recorded onto cassette tapes by DJs in the 70's 80's and 90's. DJs later recorded mixtapes onto CD which gave them their second name Mix-CDs.Mixtape still prevails over the term Mix-CD as the main word used to describe DJ mixes of this nature.

Unfortunately in the late 1990's the term mixtape became associated erroneously with many artist compilations, which featured little or no actual dj mixing. As a mixtape aficionado, I prefer mixtapes to actually be mixed. DJ Mixed Mixtapes are the only real mixtapes out there, everything else should be called a compilation.

Romantics call compilations they put together for Loved ones Mixtapes because it is more romantic than Compilation Albums. Usually when giving "Ballad Mixtapes" to loved ones, there is a thought process on the selection of songs and the arrangement of the playlist. Many people, even "so called DJs" claim to make mixtapes but don't put any real thought into the creation process. They slap a bunch of popular songs together with no thought of the order or flow of the songs. That is definitely not a mixtape. Lets face it, If I wanted a bunch of songs played randomly without purpose, I would just hit shuffle on my I-Pod.

To make it simple Mixtapes should be mixed, everything else in reality is just a compilation.
Example 1: "I love mixtapes by Silva Sirfa, DJ Emir and DJ Scene because their mixes are smooth and creative."

Example 2:

Mixtape Fan: "Check out this mix"

Mixtape Fan's Friend: "Oh my God! Where did you get that hot Mixtape?"

Mixtape Fan: "I got it from www.DJEMIR.com almost all his mixtapes are straight fire! He mixes like a beast."

Mixtape Fan's Friend: "I'll peep that out"

Example 3: "Man DJ Silva Sirfa has some dope blend mixtapes"

Example 4:

Johhny: "I love DJ Scene's 2080's mixtape series. It's the perfect blend of 80's music mashed up with todays hot hits. It'as areally creative mixtape series."

Mike: "Sounds interesting where's you get the mixtape from?"

Johhny: "I got it from his website check it out at www.DJ-SCENE.com"

Mike: "Thanks, Good looking out"
by VanguardReviews June 25, 2010

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