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One of the worlds top Nightclub & Mixtape DJs, DJ Emir (real name Emir Santana) is best known for creating live remixes in the clubs, rocking crowds of thousands & for developing extremely entertaining & creative mixtapes.

DJ Emir was named 2008 VIP Nightclub Magazine DJ of the Year. He has recieved awards for his mixtapes including his Iron Man Mixtape, Michael Jackson Mixtape & the 2008 Mixtape of the Year, the Transformers Mixtape.

Born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York, Emir later moved to Denver bringing his hard aggressive mix style with him. Emir became a versatile DJ, mixing everything from Hip Hop, Reggae & Electro House to Hard Core Techno & Drum N Base. In 1994 DJ Emir was honored with the title "Best Hard Core Techno DJ in Denver" by Eric Heater of the Sugar Twist Kids. Emir took over almost every club in Denver before becoming a highly sought after tour DJ.

During trips back to his home town of New York, Emir gathered an amazing collection of Reggae, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz & Techno music which he blended to create his own style of energetic mixes, becoming a master blend and remix DJ. One of the predecessor of the Mashup era, DJ Emir & other DJ's like DJ Z-Trip, DJ AM & DJ Scribble recognized the importance of blending hot music from different genres. Blending Hip Hop with Rock, Reggae with Electro & incorporating turntable techniques to add spice to every mix, DJ Emir brings an energy not found in normal club DJs. Find out more at www.djemir.com
Actual Quotes:
"DJ Emir is by far the best all styles DJ in Denver." - article in Crates Magazine

"DJ Emir's Iron Man Mixtape is now the Official hardest mixtape in L.A." - J of J's VIP list L.A. California

"Damn, DJ Emir has mad technical skills!" - Bert (as told to his friend Dan)

"His catch phrase is "Real DJs Do Real Things" so I'm expecting some skill and some mixing. Check out his website: www.djemir.com when you get a chance. Def a quality home base for a quality DJ, cats need to take notes on the business side of things...

DJ Emir was transforming the fuck outta the remix too...

and it went into the "50 Cent vs DJ Emir" perfectly as Emir spazzed on the cuts...

I give Emir credit cause he pulled off the three turntable vibe like a vet and he let the music do the talking so to speak... Shout to Emir for keeping mixtape hope alive, it is appreciated man... thanks."

- Big Chew on www.Rapmullet.com
by Vanguard Reviews September 29, 2009
1. To take a shit and leave without washing ones hands

2. To stop off at a relative or friends house with the sole intention of taking a quick shit and then continuing on your way.

3. To intentionally take a shit somewhere inappropriate as a joke and run off. I.E. in your friends car, in the house of someone you hate, a taxi cab a Subway train etc...

4. When your stomach bubbles but you haven't shit for a while so the first portion is a super solid constipated chunk, but is immediately followed up by the nastiest case of the runs you have ever had. (think Southpark Episode of Petite Turrets - Where the guy with turrets says "Piss Coming out My Ass") Usually experienced after eating super spicy food such as Mexican or Hot Thai or Hot Chinese food with the little red peppers.

1. "Eewww. I saw that dud take a shit n run without washing his hands, now he's over there stuffing his face with the bread rolls and touching his girlfriends face. If she only knew."

2. "Sorry I had to pull a shit and Run bro, but I my stomach's aching and we were in the neighborhood so... Anyway don't go in there for at least 20 minutes"

3. John "I hate my gym teacher so much I pulled a Shit & Run in his gym bag. He nearly puked when he looked in there. I'll bet it stunk super bad cause I zipped that bitch up too LOL."
Dan "dude that's fucked up, it had to be nasty, I'll bet he just threw the whole bag away"
John "He had too, we all got detention, but everybody thought it was worth it except for a few of the girls"

4. "Dude I had the worst case of Shit & Run the other night, totally reminded me of the South Park episode where Cartmen pretended to have turrets syndrom.. PISS Coming Out My AaaaaSSSSSS."
by Vanguard Reviews October 07, 2009
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