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An Imaginary Book of recipes used for cooking the most amazing food with the least amount of ingrediants. If you recieve "Food Stamps" you've heard of this Book.

Mom made us another amazing meal last night. Ramen Noodles with garlic and Ketchup. Tasted just like spaghetti. She must have got that one from the Welfare Cook book.
by Vandie August 16, 2006
Alternative spelling for "Shit". For use in online game room and chat rooms, where bad language is not permited.
Instead of typing "Shit" And "****" appears. You type "Sh!t" and "Sh!t" appears.
by Vandie August 07, 2006
After a serious beat-off session or after sex the small amount of leftover semen that oozes out, stains and hardens in ones underwear.
After bangin Tina, it seems my penis has gone and made some undie starch. It is almost bullet-proof.
by Vandie August 15, 2006
When a girl is so dirty and just hardcore street. She has a killer body. Her face has defined attributes. Plump dsl's. nice eyes bright in color. But a rotten attitude. Kind of ignorant. Out spoken. You can tell showering isn't #1 on her list. her clothes aren't new or always clean. But You just want her soooo damned bad. You go as far as to fantasize about fucking her stinky pussy.
That Homeless girl is so Nasty Hot! I'm Puttin her in the Spank Bank.
by Vandie August 16, 2006
When you have to poop real bad, but can't find a toilet. You consintrate real hard to send it back. Usually leads to massive constipation.
While at the Statefair 2 days ago I felt a huge shit coming on. So I sat on the bench and slowly "rerouted" the turd. Now I can't shit.
by Vandie August 16, 2006
1. Asshole
2. Rectum
3. Anus
Gay men stick their penis's in each others Gay Cum Tunnel s
by Vandie August 16, 2006
This Phrase Describes a party or gathering,in which the guests or group are very young or very immature.
Dude, I went to Mikes party last night. Another "Nick at Nite". No one there was over 16.
by Vandie August 16, 2006

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