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noun: The smoldering end of a cigar, cigarette, joint, blunt, or other oblong smoking material.
Also: ned marks, ned tracks, ned burns: burns in furniture and automobile upholstery.
(SW Indiana, US)
"Watch your ned dude! You fucking burned me!"
"No more smoking in my car, you left ned tracks on my seat."
by Vandervecken April 25, 2009
noun: The flat beer (or sometimes foam) left at the bottom of a beer can or bottle. Sometimes used to describe over-used bong water.
adj: manky
(mid western US)
"Finish your beer, man." "Nah, nothing but the mank left."
"Man, you drink some manky-ass beer!"
"Change that bong water, dude, it's total mank!"
by Vandervecken April 25, 2009

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