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2 definitions by Vanderhouvvven

(adjective) {bahy-iung/tekst-books}
A sadistict torture ritual performed by most colleges and universities upon students. After paying a fortune in money they dont have for tutition, students are required to shell out more for "required reading material" they will never touch because they have the internet. The act of purchasing these books is easily comparible to smacking ones-self in the face with a brick. buying them offline is a know way to ease the pain of buying textbooks, but its still a pain in the a**.
Person 1: "what are you doing"
Person 2: "buying textbooks for school"
Person 1: "use amazon, and heres a brick- it might make things less painful"
by Vanderhouvvven January 15, 2011
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spin on the more traditional "chop" facial hair style and enigmatic mohawk;
a hairstyle in which all the hair on the head and face is shaved off except for a stripe on either side of the face between the ear and mouth- which has been rigidly spiked outward with as much gel as exists.
not a very functional hair arrangement but we can only hope that it will catch on. might also be functional as a face shield.
first defined by webcomic surviving the world
Jonathan seems confused as to what century he's living in- he was rocking a mochop this morning. he either needs some serious facial protection or he stuck his finger in an outlet.
by Vanderhouvvven January 19, 2012
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