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A member of one of the completely legitimate political parties of the United States of America, and someone whose views apparently are always wrong, narrow-minded, and ignorant, according to young, idiotic, self-righteous Democrats (i.e., whiny teenagers) with fast food opinions who yell and protest for changes and government reform, even if they do not know what it is they're protesting.
Republican: Well, I believe that-
Whiny teenage "Democrat": No! You're wrong! You're a Republican, so you're automatically an ignorant, bigoted, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant with a southern accent!
Republic: But I'm bla-
Whiny teenage "Democrat": No! You're wrong, stupid Republican. I'm going to make off-color, cliché jokes about you now! RANT RANT RANT RANT RANT.
Republican: Just be quiet.
by Vand February 13, 2011

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