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An underwhelming shitbag of a city in North America's Mid West. Toronto, not unlike its Mid Western neighbours, is plagued by terrible weather, even worse architecture, and ugly freeways crisscrossing its downtown core. It is a city full of future Vancouverites and Calgarians and those not intelligent enough to leave.
A Westerner to another Westerner: Why can't you get a good blowjob in Toronto?

Westerner responding: Because all those cocksuckers are out here!
by VancouverUbberAlles May 10, 2005
A man or woman stuck in the 1980's hair/heavy metal era. Both men and women typically sport feathered long hair or a mullet and are partial tight jeans, jean jackets, rock shirts, and a bad attitude. Their language is marked by a heavy use of profanity and double negatives typical of people with little in the way of formal education. The Canadian variant is sometomes known as a skid or whitetrash all across North America.
Axel Rose, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, and Slash are rockers.
by VancouverUbberAlles May 12, 2005
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