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A New York State University set in the beautiful hills of Cobleskill, NY. At first glance it looks like a redneck community, but wait until school comes into session. We have just as many drug dealers and stabbings as you more urban universities. The university will never be known for partying, only fat girls in tight shirts, line dancing and freezing cold winters. The only sensable group is contained a few miles off campus, the soccer house.
SUNY Cobleskill is a backwoods university where men are men and sheep are nervous, lacking enough booze to get Ron White a little drunk, known for its only profitable business, Tractor Supply Co.
by VanDamin July 12, 2006
The country to the North of the U.S. Known for "The Beer Store", strippers(aka hookers who dance first), cold weather and shitty road signs.
Wow this weekend sucks. Lets drive it to CANANANA for some french fries and gravy, then maybe we could tag team a Canadien stripper with sweet roast beef curtains.
by VanDamin July 12, 2006
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