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2 definitions by Van113

This rule states that you can "counter" Rule 11. By calling Rule 17, you are initially calling "Next's", and in doing so makes you the automatic owner of the object that Rule 11 was called a pone. There is no "counter" to Rule 17.
Guy4:"Why are you here? What a second! Rule 11!"
Guy2&3:"Too late."
Guy4:"Gosh dang it!. . . Rule 17! Ha! Now its mine again!"
Guy2:"Excellent strategy sir."
by Van113 October 24, 2008
This rule is also known as "The International Rule of Dibs". Used to claim any tangible object in question. The only way to counter this rule is to call "Next's".(see Rule 17)
Guy1:"Rule 11."
Guy2:"You can't call 'Dibs' its ours. We called for it!"
Guy1:"Yea I can. Rule 11. See, I just did again."
by Van113 October 24, 2008