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When it is so hot outside that a girl can cook a ham in her pants... like a crock pot could.
It's so hot outside I feel like a crotch pot! I could cook a ham in my pants!
by Van Mad August 10, 2006
When a guy pins a girl (or boy) to the ground with his legs, and straddles her while clamping her body ... then continues to whack her on the head with his cock (also known as cock slapping).
While wrestling, Jimmy ending up giving Sally a nice clamp slapper!
When she bothers me I just threaten to clamp slap her.
by Van Mad August 10, 2006
When a guy is so fat, his junk is not small... it's a tank (also known as "the Blob"! This is also known to happen when guys get extreme silicone injections.
That fat guy just got kicked in the junk tank!
by Van Mad August 10, 2006

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