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A variation on the wheelbarrow position, the norwegian snowplow is at a sharper angle, thus driving the recieving partner's face into the floor.
I took her in the norwegian snowplow last night
by Vampiric16 April 24, 2009
1)An act done whilst in the doggy position. When the giving partner is about to cum, he pulls out and makes a noise like an aeroplane. Confused, the recieving partner turns around just in time to recieve a face full of cum.
2)Done at a sleep over or similar event. Whilst someone is asleep, other people come and jizz in their face/ on their pillow.
I stealth bombed your mum last night!
We were stealth bombing Suzy.
We stealth bombed Adam at the party!
by Vampiric16 April 24, 2009

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