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2 definitions by Vampire Chick

The most badass clothing store in the history of the world. Hot Topic sells darker and more non traditional clothing and accesories than some other stores. Some of the prices may be over the top, but if you look you can find things for less money that are totally badass. XD
Friend: Hey, where did you get that awsome studded bracelt?
Me: Where do you think?
Friend: Hot Topic?
Me: Oh yes!
by Vampire Chick August 13, 2009
1. A genre af music that include soalful, deep, meaningful, and often depressing lyrics.
2. A social steriotype that is often accosiated with tight pants, converse, black, cutting and suicide.

3. Emotional
1. "Fall Out Boy" is considered an emo band.

2. "Oh my god Stacy, she is so emo!" (bitch)
by Vampire Chick August 13, 2009