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ParaPara is a style of dance that originated in Japan. It is speculated that it started in the 1970's, but the birth of what we call ParaPara today was really in the 1990's.

ParaPara is usually danced to a genre of music called Eurobeat, which is manufactured in Italy, and sold in Japan.

Specific songs have their own specific routines. There can be one or more routine for a song, depending on how many clubs have put out a new choreography. ParaPara dancers, or Paralists, can make up their own choreography to songs as well.

ParaPara is usually danced with the arms, and the feet movements are usually simple side steps, however, there are complicated foot routines for some songs.

ParaPara comes in "booms". It gets really popular for a while, but then dies down for a little while, then comes back popular again.
I just learned a new ParaPara routine from Velfarre: Pride by Dave!

Oh man, the US is having a HUGE ParaPara boom!
by Vampeh Pew January 31, 2006
A paralist is a person who is a ParaPara enthusiast and/or dancer. Paralist usually refers to the dancers and is almost never used in context of an enthusiast.

Most paralists refilm official ParaPara club dances and post them for all to see and learn from. Some even come up with their own routines and film them as well.

Paralists used to be far and few outside of Japan, but since ParaPara is booming, the number of Paralists are increasing.
"Hey, why are you going to MTAC? It is so far away!"
"I wanted to see some paralists I know online"

"Where do you meet all these paralists anyways?"
"ParaParaStage.com! and ParaParaOnline.com!"
"You mean the forums?"
"oh... I never go on there"
by Vampeh pew April 25, 2006

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