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a mispelling of the word hobbit
A: A hobit!
B: No... a hobbit.
by Vamm Goda February 23, 2004
An all-powerful D&D character of Bens.
Muffin Man: I want to steal that necklace that's a leaf on that guy.

Silverleaf: You sure? That's my symbol.

Muffin Man: *steals necklace*

Silverleaf: *appears* YOU LOSE ALL YOUR CHARISMA AND INTELLIGENCE POINTS. But I'm merciful, so I'll give you a paper bag to cover your head with.
by Vamm Goda January 29, 2004
green eyed 7th grader. at cushman. not in hip hop kidz. speaks french.
zaz! ZAZ! zaz! ZAZ! zaz!
by Vamm Goda February 06, 2004
Friend, in a norse language.
Loki is sometimes called Thor's Runi, or Thor's Friend.
by Vamm Goda January 14, 2004
Another name for Loki.
Balder: Aww, poor little Loke...
Loki: *twitch* I'll get you for that...
by Vamm Goda January 30, 2004
An alias of Keahft
*listens to Clouds Dome over and over and over again. forgets to write an example.*
by Vamm Goda February 02, 2004
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