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Emo Bastard. 99% of the male emo population. A few of them do it to get chicks, and to get props on the ass they get from wearing tight pants. Just yet another fad that JUST showed up. This is NOT "just the way you are". I witnessed it pull it's ugly head out of the primordial ooze. All of a sudden mowhawks turned to fuexhawks, Bondage pants turned to Little Sister's/Mom's pants, and black metal turned to "screamo". Luckily for most emo bastards, they'll inherit a large amount of money and won't ever have to work a hard job. Stop whining, Hot Topic is NOT a hard job. Try construction, boys. But for those emo's who are poor and will eventually need a good job, have fun closing up those inch sized holes in your ears (I know I am).
Emo Bastard: "Hey Steph, I just wrote this poem.


'The way you talk to me is like a thousand sharp razors shooting through my ears. It makes me want to split my veins in half and bathe you in the fountain of blood. Blood. Blood blood blood. The blood will be red. Red is the color of the anger school fills me with. Parents make my eyes red with hate. Hate for the money they don't give me. Razors. Razors Razors.'


It like... might need a little work. But the heart is there. The emotions."

'Steph' (an Emo Bitch): "Thats like... so deep. And true. I feel you about that money shit, man."
by Valstein June 17, 2006

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