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A look of pure hatred given to someone that has seriously wronged you. When done successfully, it should appear as if daggers or flames are coming out from your eyes. The most fierce of death glares will even reduce people to tears, or make them move away from you in fear.
Bob: Man is that girl a jerk!
Joe: Hahahahaha
Girl: *death glare*
Joe: Dude, look at the death glare she's giving you you better back off.
by valrockstar328 December 04, 2007
Someone who is constantly yelling at you to use star power when you're playing Guitar Hero even though:
1. You just got it.
2. You don't even have 4X multiplier.
3. You're not even at a hard part.
These people will sometimes feel the need to "help you out" but pressing the star power button for you.
Person 2: Dude, ignore the star crazy you should save your Star Power for the solo coming up.
by Valrockstar328 November 18, 2007
the act of loosing control over one's balance due to hopping up and down on one foot after stubbing the large toe.
Person A: *stubs toe* OW!! *begins jumping up and down*
(Moments later) *THUD*
Person B: Oh my gosh, are you ok? What happened?
Person A: Uhm... nothing.
Person B: What are you doing on the floor? Wait... did you blepsy again? God Mark, this is the second time this month! I know that table has really sharp angles but GOD you're a klutz!
by valrockstar328 January 30, 2009

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