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Defined as a sick, negative feeling towards something.

Also defined as a follower of Mlergism
Meaning 1
Michael: So how you doing?
John: I just feel mlerg right now man.

Meaning 2
Matt: I'm an atheist, what about you?
Brandon: I'm a Mlerg
#mlorg #mlirg #mlergh #mlergism #mlergle
by Vallus The Great September 29, 2011
MWORK - pronounced M-W-OR-CK, Not M-WORK
The sound that a penguin makes.
Penguin1: MWORK, MWORK

Penguin2: MWOOOOORK!

BOB: I wonder what those penguins are MWORKing about.
#mwark #quack #roar #chirp #cwoak
by Vallus The Great October 06, 2011
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