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how to make a frozen rose
1) a woman must take a used tampon covered with blood
2) put it into the freezer
3) wait till it's frozen (meanwhile, prepare an other one)
4) when it's frozen pul it out of the fridge
5) find a suitable target ( usualy your boyfriend, a gay guy, a straight-edge, an emo or your brother in law.) (require a large anus)
6) now remove his pants
7) make him bow forward
8) escuse yourself for your cold hands
9) now quickly take the tampon and insert it quickly in his ass while he dont expect it.
0) shout a mighty FROZEN ROSE!!!

now you laught and enjoy
Maria: hey bob, i love you, and you have a nice ass.
Bob: thanks.
Maria: mind if i have a look at it?
Bob: Hell no, enjoy it.
Maria: Thanks, can you bow forward.
Bob: Sure.
Maria: please excuse my cold hands.
Bob: What?
Bob: What The Hell!
Maria: all your base are belong to us!
by Valkyrie01 May 02, 2006
An homosexual person who is only fuckable by the ass
Bob: man did you see that one gay mofo!
Steave: yea sure he is a one way.
by Valkyrie01 May 02, 2006

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