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The act of masturbating in the back yard of the girl you are currently stalking and cumming inside of her fire hose. She doesn't have to see you and you don't have to be staring at her, or a picture of her, to be pulling a joker's card.
That bitch won't talk to me, she won't even look at me! I hope she finds me pulling a joker's card on her ass!
by Vali-Ent October 29, 2010
A penis.

It's a euphemism popularized by the Insane Clown Posse on their first EP, Beverly Kills 50187.
So, this bitch was suckin' my dick, right? All the sudden, she started gaggin'. I guess somebody choked on a joker's card!
by Vali-Ent October 29, 2010
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