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4 definitions by ValhallaShoes

Lady-Beating 'Dance' in Monty Python, now in use as anything in which the true purpose is disguised under the pretence of cultural activities.
Zeez was zer Trondhein Hammer Donce, weech is performed every 25 minutes in zer Norwegian town of TRONDHEIM. In vich zee old ladies are stuck about zer head veeth round sticks, or KNURTEL. (original Monty Pythin context)

So the council put on a skate-fest last month, but it was just a Trondhein Hammer Dance. They wanted to up the local spending in the district to justify another pay rise.
by ValhallaShoes October 16, 2005
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wanker, one who masturbates.
You monk-thugger, you've had two today already. Give me my p0rn0 back or get raped.
by ValhallaShoes October 16, 2005
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the reclaimation of derelict buildings or areas by nature.
The road was starting to LARPTEN since it's disuse in the year 1286.

conjugates to Larptend, strict use also has 'Larptend' where 'Larptening' may be expected.
by ValhallaShoes October 16, 2005
2 2
round stick with which to beat an old lady when performing the Trondheim Hammer Donce
Dude, I was performing the TRONDHEIN HAMMER DONCE, and I toally ruined this OLD LADY with my KNURTEL. BASH! WALLOP! It was amazing.
by ValhallaShoes October 16, 2005
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