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A female who has black hair, thus not being able to be associated with the brunettes.
Damn. If I don't dye my hair soon, I will remain a blackette for the next few months.
by Valgina October 20, 2008
Is wild and silly, extremely ADHD. She loves tortellini and soft Victoria's secret panties she calls "Vagina Rubbers" Her lips are like Angelina Jolie, her smile lights up the room and her ass is like BAM!.
Man: "did you see Khrysta Marie today, those dsl's are amazing!"
by valgina August 07, 2012
Easier term to use when referring to girls wearing guy clothes.
Most of the time, the items worn are from stores such as Urban Outfitters (Note: usually cardigans, flannels, hats, etc.)

Looks pretty good when worn properly.
Guy: Aw wow chiclet! You sure know how to pull off men's clothes!!
Girl: Thanks. This is probably one of my best guytems.
by Valgina May 28, 2008

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