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Tha hottest and tha best rapper EVER!!! He has 7 kids from 6 different women, his brother Capo-Confuscious was shot and killed over marijauna. He was molested and kidnapped at a young age by his dad, who told him and made him believe that his mom was dead. Bizzy's story was then on Americas Most Wanted, and he was then able to go back home. His real name is Bryon McCane, and hes half Italian and half Black. Has beef with Krayzie Bone.
Bizzy has some good songs- Murda Me, Better Man, Nobody Can Stop Me, On The Freeway.
by Valentine December 20, 2004
The name of rapper Bizzy Bone's younger brother, was killed in 2003 over marijauna.
Muder over stupid things has really got to stop.
by Valentine December 23, 2004
When two people are having sex, and they both are about to cum, its that moment of extasy thats called being in "The Star Palace"
Guy: Is this good?
Girl: Yeahhhh....
Guy: How good?
Girl: Im in the star palace.
by Valentine October 11, 2004
Can be used as an insult for anyone, but is usually a derogatary term for an Asian person.
You stupid chickenwing, why'd you do that??!!
by Valentine September 27, 2004
Bend Over Buddy. A person (usually a girl) who bends over to impress her guy, or to show off her nice ass.
Thats Amanda, my B.O.B.
by Valentine September 24, 2004
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