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adj. a portmanteau word surmising the combination of "like a glove" with "that's loverly" to indicate that something is both appropriate and (par)amorous.
As a responce to the vocabularly used her latest romantic poem I replied "Idolatry... nice, I wouldn't have though of that one, it's quite gloverly."
by Valdeargos May 09, 2005
n. To emit a sharp, high-pitched whistling noise from one's nose.
"I didn't want to be caught picking my nose, but I was much more concerned that someone would hear the nostrill it was making..."
by Valdeargos March 25, 2005
v. The gratuitous utilization of internet instant messaging services as means for cantankerous ranting; being regardless to the affects of one's statements upon their audience. Particularly by those who are under the influence of CNS stimulants and/or of Irish decent.
"I had been mucking for hours, about nothing important, and was waiting for a fresh contact to come online, as I had already fully annoyed most of my list. Just then, while wondering to myself why no one wanted to talk to me, I remembered to take more Dexedrine, which I washed down with a Guinness."
by Valdeargos March 25, 2005

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