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Process of masturbating while taking a shower. Very convenient, due to the fact that most often ejaculation can easily be washed down the drain, the running water makes the activity more pleasurable, and practically every substance around is a lubricant.
Roommate: God, why does it take so long for Jacob to shower?

Passer-by: Isn't it obvious, he probably does showerbation every chance he gets!

Roommate: Oh gross, I hope he washes all the jizz down the drain.
by Vahney_981 December 30, 2010
Phrase used by people who do not desire to hang out for the day. Often used to avoid offending someone when they already have plans, do not want to hang out with the asker, or really just want to stay home. Often followed by three periods (..) to show false/real remorse.
Friend 1: Hey, wanna go see Yogi Bear?

Friend 2 (to himself): That idea sounds hella stupid
Frined 2: No thanks, I'm staying home today...
by Vahney_981 December 30, 2010
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