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4 definitions by Vagina McNuggets

Masterbating so much that your dick falls off and that is your last time masterbating because your dick fell off
Jim: hey what were you doing last night?
Me: I was lasterbating.
Jim: Dude, your dick fell off?
Me: Yep.
by Vagina McNuggets April 22, 2012
Listening to jazz music while being aggressively raped by 2 white men and 2 black men
Jim: Mike, "Me, Bob, LeSean, and DaQuean" all jazzfucked that whore that lives in apartment 296 last night.
by Vagina McNuggets October 23, 2012
When someone vomits on an erect penis when giving a blowjob.
"How many dicks do you want to put in my mouth?"
"I will splout!"
by Vagina McNuggets October 24, 2013
Having sex through the nose, and once the guy ejaculates, the girl sneezes, and the snot is white, like Alaska.
"Do you have any weird fetishes?"
"Yeah, I love the alaskan flu."
"Das Nasty Mane"
by Vagina McNuggets October 24, 2013