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1. A non-exsisting thing that idiotic people think they feel just because they see it in movies and literature.

2. Something men say to women if they want some pussy.
1. Dumbass: Dude, I think I'm in love with Angela.
Dumbass's friend: Shut the fuck, Dumbass. Love isn't real! Come on I'm taking you to get your dick wet!
2. Joe tries to pull his girlfriend, Britney's, skirt down.
Britney: No, Joe. I'm not ready for that yet.
Joe: But, baby I love you.
Britney: Aww... really? Come get this twat!
by VagAlmighty February 12, 2011
One of the only things a man needs from a woman along with cooking, cleaning, and a stress reliever to beat the shit out of.
Hey, cunt! Come over here and give me some pussy!
by VagAlmighty February 12, 2011

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