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A woman who has a festy vag.
"Bianca is such a vagicator, her hairy vag smells like off prawns on a hot summers day."
by Vag hater May 08, 2008
Any festy looking peenie, unwashed or smelly peenie, peenie with cheese, male STD, secretions from the peenie, pimples on or near the peenie, or even just a really embarrassingly small peenie can be said as having penisitis.
*Please note, if a wang gets penisitis, it is then classed as being a peenie, not a wang* (Please refer to PEENIE)
"Oh my God!! Have you seen Andrew's cock? He has a nasty case of penisitis!!"
"Dude, you might wanna go see a doctor about that, it looks like you got penisitis"
by Vag hater May 08, 2008
1. Another word for a festy vagina.
2. The opposite of a giny.
"If you don't shave, wash, wax and maintain personal hygeine of your giny, you will end up with a festy vag".
by Vag hater May 08, 2008

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