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3 definitions by Vag hater

A woman who has a festy vag.
"Bianca is such a vagicator, her hairy vag smells like off prawns on a hot summers day."
by Vag hater May 08, 2008
15 3
Any festy looking peenie, unwashed or smelly peenie, peenie with cheese, male STD, secretions from the peenie, pimples on or near the peenie, or even just a really embarrassingly small peenie can be said as having penisitis.
*Please note, if a wang gets penisitis, it is then classed as being a peenie, not a wang* (Please refer to PEENIE)
"Oh my God!! Have you seen Andrew's cock? He has a nasty case of penisitis!!"
"Dude, you might wanna go see a doctor about that, it looks like you got penisitis"
by Vag hater May 08, 2008
3 7
1. Another word for a festy vagina.
2. The opposite of a giny.
"If you don't shave, wash, wax and maintain personal hygeine of your giny, you will end up with a festy vag".
by Vag hater May 08, 2008
6 12