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4 definitions by Vaans

The site owned and operated by Vaans himself. Features various articles, random humor, and own3d pics.
If you cant take a joke dont bother going. "www.clubvaans.com"
by Vaans May 04, 2005
Something or someone who possesses negative qualities, often characterized by selfishness, annoyingness, or displaying frequent events of focking.
"That haitch is shmaig."
by Vaans May 04, 2005
Something or someone which carries the connotation of owning to characteristics of quality.
"Seeds are qua.", "Aww you're qua", "Qua."
by Vaans May 04, 2005
Used to describe something or someone, which arouses distaste.
"You're some ace!"
by Vaans May 04, 2005