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It means extreme of something, usually something that you see and the usual words in English can't describe it. An experience that you can't express by conventional means.
"Man!, this car of your is ..... shekank". "Oh God!, I can't describe it, like it was a shekank thing". "Did you see that chick man!, her body was... shekanking"
by V_K_Industries February 21, 2010
A polite replacement of "Oh! Shit" or "Doh!". Usually for expressing sudden dismay.
Q. "Did you lock the car mate?". A. "Oh! Daagre! man, I forgot".

"Daagre! man, I got shot again in this game"
by V_K_Industries February 22, 2010
'Choot' means the female genital. This word means, a woman who is so ugly that you don't want to have sex with her.
"How are the chicks at you your collage?", "A-choot man, all of em!"
by V_K_Industries March 03, 2010

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