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when a cops lights are flashing
Ah! He's flashin his cherries and blueberries at us!
by VVeedson March 24, 2010
cute little licks on the cheeks, lips, or neck.

usually ment to tell the person you wanna french kiss.
or just ment to be dang adorable.
Their faces were so close together, she planted a few quick kitty licks on his lips.
by VVeedson March 23, 2010
An affectionate name for a small child or baby
Hey, what're you doing to that peanut?
by VVeedson March 24, 2010
The act of doing a work out video called P90X.
"Where were you?"
"i was P90Xing!"
by VVeedson March 24, 2010
1. mommy, mom.

2. a small child or babies way of saying mommy
where's memoe?
by VVeedson March 24, 2010
Cops who try to pick up minors who are out past curfew. most of the time they're in disguised cars.
We saw five seekers pulling kids over tonight, so watch out.
by VVeedson March 24, 2010
At a red light you put the car in park then everyone gets out and starts dancing like crazy to whatever music works happens to be on. People tend to dance ON the car.
*light turns red*
by VVeedson March 24, 2010
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