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When a man farts while getting oral sex.
Tom knew Cindy's love of music, so he finished with a Meat Trumpet in C Minor.

She demands that I signal with a Meat Trumpet before I cum.

by VSkizzle February 07, 2007
Someone who is difficult to distinguish if they are a boy or a girl, so they are just a BOG, or Boggy.
Shitass Bankteller: Dude, is your cousin a boy or a girl?
One soon to be nicknamed Boggy: She's a girl, dude.
Shitass Bankteller: So she's a Boy Girl...a BOG...we should call you BOG...Boggy.
Boggy: Dam.
by VSkizzle February 02, 2007
The act of meeting the opposite sex while drunk and intentionally making them feel uncomfortable by telling them you want to Meagle them.
Hey fellas, lets go Meagle some bitches!

I saw you accross the room, and was thinking about Meagling you and your DUFF at the same time!
by VSkizzle February 02, 2007

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