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3 definitions by VP

An item, act or situation of being bogus, low quality or immensely annoying.
"I got two tickets on the way to work, fucking BOGATRY!"
"Coors Light? I ain't drinking that watered-down bogatry"
"I'm in no mood for your bogatry, go eat a dick"
by VP November 27, 2007
5 2
Buffonery to the tenth power. Real stupid acts or situations.
"I've experienced nothing but assfoonery babysitting those fucking kids."
"I can't work with Tom and put up with his assfoonery"
by VP November 27, 2007
5 3
The last horse to cross the finish line
God, that horse sucks, what's his name?

Hoof Hearted
by VP July 02, 2004
37 48