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4 definitions by VLOKY

when your pooping and realize your out of t.p. and have to waddle with your pants around your ankles or knees to go to the hallway closet to get more toilet paper.
my mom spotted me half masting and damn it was embarrasing
by vloky July 01, 2004
37 7
When you can feel the poo pushing on the inside of your butthole wanting to escape. Usually when your out walking and are nowhere near a bathroom.
Hurry up dude I'm gopher holing!
by vloky July 01, 2004
18 8
Random tangents started by silly drug addled teens.
I really like cheese, cheese is good, don't you like cheese? Dammn I did to many drugs today, I should kill myself. Sorry for the VLOKYISMS everyone
by VLOKY May 04, 2004
3 1
where people from minnesota flee to when everyone in minnesota hates them
whatever happened to that asshole ted? oh he moved to wisconsin.
by vloky April 14, 2004
106 166